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Laying Rat Bait



At this time of the year when the rats and mice are invading your house, beware that the bait you lay may end up poisoning your dog!


Rat bait contains a substance that interferes with the bloods ability to clot. Therefore, the rat and mouse will bleed internally and leave your house to try and find water and may end up carrying the poison with them outside and dropping it for your dog to eat.  Dogs also will bleed internally and die – this poison is not species specific.


Another source of poisoning for your dog is finding the packet of poison in the shed and eating it all themselves – especially those pokey puppies!


Many of these poisons take a few days to work and the first signs in your dog of a problem will be unwillingness to move, and their gums are often white due to blood loss. Other symptoms may be bleeding from gums, mouth, penis or vulva or a moist cough due to bleeding in the lungs.


URGENT veterinary attention is required if the dog is seen eating rat bait or is suspected of eating it within the last few hours, so that vomiting can be induced. Remember to bring the poison container to the clinic with you as it helps to establish the type of poison ingested.  The antidote for most rat poisons is Vitamin K and must be given ASAP.