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Vetcare Grazing

Peace of mind, veterinary supervised grazing.

Twenty years of outstanding heifer grazing performance.

The Vetcare Grazing brand is synonymous with:

  • Consistently top results
  • Veterinary monitoring
  • Regular reporting
  • Animal health insurance
  • Long-term clients
  • Top grazers on very good land

Features of our grazing scheme

  • A legal contract ensures the responsibilities of both parties are clearly defined. Both weaner and May to May Heifer and winter grazing contracts are available. We also offer carryover cow grazing as well.
  • Having a third party involved gives protection to the dairy farmer and avoids hassles.
  • Vet supervised worry free grazing with animal health and feed management closely attended to. All animal health charges including drenching are included in the grazing fee.
  • All heifers are regularly monitored and weighed and reports are sent to the owner.
  • Target weights are set so the grazier is fully aware of what is expected of him or her.
  • It is an incentive scheme. Payments are based on weight gain, so there is a mutual benefit for the dairy farmer and the grazier.
  • Monthly automatic payments help spread the costs.
  • The breeding programme is supervised. Quality tested bulls provided if required and the option of a synchronised AI programme is available.
  • There is an option to have the heifers pregnancy tested before they go home.
  • Transport can be arranged at a very reasonable rate.

Vetcare Grazing Articles

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